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boussole eTURNING provides consultancy for digital transformations. Dematerialization of Business Processes, optimization of data flows among users and mobility are becoming strong efficiency levers for organizations. While the digital economy is growing, eTURNING assists companies to interact more efficiently with Internet in order to become more collaborative. eTURNING uses Information Technology in order to improve competitiveness, innovation, and simplicity. Consulting offers are: · Innovation Management · Digital Strategy · Change Management eTURNING also supplies in following fields: · e-Commerce and e-Administration · Innovation Management and collaborative working · Business Intelligence & Dashboards · Dematerialization and Business Process Management

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Success Business In One Click

eTURNING designs, develops and commercializes mobile applications.



  business intelligence solutions


Improve decision taking, business trends forecast and customers loyalty. Our Business Intelligence solutions help to optimize procurement, production and delivery of goods and services.
Financial data :
Dashboards and accurate reports
Customer data :
Data-mining and loyalty systems
Supply Chain Management :
Procurement optimization, Logistics and Delivery

  Solutions Business Process Management


Using Business Process Management tools, eTURNING provides solutions for tasks automation and dematerialization thanks to Workflows and automated Document Management Systems.

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